Friday, April 20, 2012

this and that

Today I can finally's Friday! The only thing standing between me and the weekend is an 8 hour work day. No major plans, and I couldn't be happier. Here are some photos from my iphone, as of late.

afternoon spin
rainbow sprinkles
window shopping
post-race bib numbers + blue skies above

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Lately my wrists have been bare, mostly because every time I open my jewelry box I become instantly overwhelmed by the sea of intertwined bracelets that lay before my eyes. The other day I set out to find just a few empty votives to wrap them around. It spares me the hassel of detangling bracelets and saves time when picking out which ones to wear (last week it took me five minutes to find the bracelet i was looking for). I stacked them in no particular order. I actually prefer the randomness, because it allows me to see certain combinations I wouldn't normally pick out. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

this and that

cookie butter from trader joe's-addicting.

Happy friday the 13th! I'm not superstitious, but there is something creepy about working in a hospital on days like today. So, heres to hoping my day is as unlucky lucky as it can be. And as for this weekend, i'll be running a 5k through the east side of Providence as part of a fundraiser for Hasbro Children's Hospital. I'm not sure what i'm more excited about, the adrenaline i'll get running the race or the cold beer i'll most certainly drink afterwards. I'm also carving out time to start catching up on the first few seasons of Mad Men, since I just started watching it this year. Somehow I have managed to both love and hate Don Draper. Pictured is a little of this and little of that from my week.

ombre colored flowers

an engraving worth a glance.
spotted on a walk through brown university's campus

googly eyes that i couldn't resist buying after
laying my eyes on these.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bacon Jalapeño Grilled Cheese

Ever have one of those lazy days where you stay in your pajamas all day and don't even make it out of the house? The other week I had a day like that and it was just what I needed to recharge. Hungry for lunch but nothing prepared, my boyfriend and I used whatever we had in the fridge to throw something together. The result: a glutinous bacon jalapeño grilled cheese with peach apricot preserves. I knew this creation would turn out either really amazing or horribly awful. Thankfully it wasn't the latter..

Friday, April 6, 2012

this and that

If your week was anything like mine, it consisted of copious amounts of caffeine and minimal sleep in between work and errands. Looking forward to a relaxing easter weekend with family, friends and perhaps a celtics game thrown in the mix. Here are some snapshots from my week:

hand painted eggs to brighten up any space
recipe inspiration

33 is my lucky number-just couldn't resist the photo op.
pearls + vintage books

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

wright's dairy farm

Family owned and operated, Wright's is one of the last working dairy farms in Rhode Island. This traditional farm is truly the last of its kind, and every time I visit I am reminded of how important it is to support local farming. New England has lost over half of its dairy farms over the past 30 years due to low milk prices and high energy and labor costs. Local dairy farms open land for outdoor recreation and wildlife. They create jobs, stimulate the economy and are a source of fresh dairy products. Wright's has been in operation since 1900, and it maintains a herd of about 150 cows. If you come in between 3pm and 5pm any day of the week you can see them being milked. A walkway leads you from the barn to their famous bakery, where you can enjoy the delicious products of their farming. Home to the freshest coffee milk the creamiest pastries around, there is always a line at the checkout. Wright's is famous for their old-fashioned hermit cookies, which were featured in a 2004 episode of "Food Finds" on the Food Network. The first time I walked into the bakery I was overwhelmed by their extensive pastry case, so I ordered a random assortment of anything that caught my eye. There was not one treat that I didn't end up liking. Personal favorites include their checker cake, cannoli and meltaways. This place is worth the drive for anyone who loves milk, sweets and baked goods!