Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Lately my wrists have been bare, mostly because every time I open my jewelry box I become instantly overwhelmed by the sea of intertwined bracelets that lay before my eyes. The other day I set out to find just a few empty votives to wrap them around. It spares me the hassel of detangling bracelets and saves time when picking out which ones to wear (last week it took me five minutes to find the bracelet i was looking for). I stacked them in no particular order. I actually prefer the randomness, because it allows me to see certain combinations I wouldn't normally pick out. 


  1. OoOoOo- love this! I especially like the "bee" bracelet. I've never been much of a bracelet-wearer myelf, but I've been slowly and surely building up my little collection :)

    Eat Cake

  2. Just recently found your blog and its my new favorite! Thanks!

  3. you have quite the collection! They are much better displayed this way. I say, if you have pretty things it is best to see them all the time.