Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A new place, a new look

Moving is hard. I dread packing, and I don't like change. Yet somehow I'll soon be making the the trek (in less than two months..eek!) from northern Rhode Island all the way to the heart of Providence- a whole thirty minutes (that's Rhode Island mentaility for you) so I can be closer to my job. I love the city so naturally I'm very excited but equally as overwhelmed. I haven't even started apartment hunting, which might be minor issue. Instead, I have been blissfully preoccupied by countless interior design websites. There are so many clever ideas out there I would love to try. I have been looking for a good opportunity to re-vamp my living space so this move comes at a great time. Pictured are some ideas that i've been drawing inspiration from.   


  1. How exciting! I'll be so jealous of you living in Providence. I wish I was within walking distance to some of the shops and restaurants downtown.

  2. Love the tennis racquet mirrors!!! I am stealing this idea!