Monday, October 1, 2012

Of Woes and Wool

While parting ways with my summer clothing and re-introducing fall knits back into my closet, I have been faced with the realization that i don't like any of my sweaters. They are either ill-fitting, too worn out or not the right shade. Why I am just figuring this out I could not tell you. I have been browsing through shops but cant seem to find anything that I like. My efforts have now been reduced to online shopping in the hopes of finding a few key sweaters to even out my (lacking) fall wardrobe. Does anyone else periodically go through completely unnecessary "I hate everything in my closet, it's the end of the world" freak outs?

Here's what has caught my eye:

classic, crisp and cable knit. boom.
this gem is perfect. it also happens to be out of stock 
(and now begrudgingly out of mind)

slouchy sweater for a laid back saturday

this swiss dot is sold out. onto the next...
love fair isle sweaters, always have, always will.

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