Friday, February 17, 2012

February's Folly

(An impromptu visit to the beach- a reminder of summer days to come)

To put it lightly, the month of February does not endear itself to me. Somehow it’s the shortest month, but it feels like the longest. With it come drab skies, lots of wind, possibly some snow, definitely some rain, and a bleak chance for sun. To add insult to injury, it’s not long before punxsutawney phil stops by to ensure six more weeks of this. February is situated in the middle of what seems to be an endless winter, dangling spring close enough to remind me of brighter things, yet far enough away to slip me back into my bulky winter jacket. Meanwhile, various fashion weeks are taking place and spring clothing lines start showing up on shelves everywhere. In an act of defiance, I dress for spring, but I find myself in shivers and reaching for the closest sweater. February, you are a tease.

Pictured are a few things getting me through this unremarkable month.

(An excuse to wear pink and red- afterall, this is the month of love and all things girly)

(Red hots- the perfect combination of sugar and spice and small enough to fit in my purse for a mid-day treat)


  1. I love the second picture. Reds and pinks look perfect. Great idea!

    What about following eachother?

    Lots of love,