Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Color it Coral

                                                                       Scarf: Birthday Gift! Shirt: J.Crew

Hidden in between orange and red is coral, a warm color that ranges from soft and peachy to strong and vibrant. As you can see, i've slowly acquired a lot of this shade and find that it's perfect for those times when fire engine red just won't do. Lately it's been my go to hue when i'm looking for a pop of color, especially with spring so close. It also doesn't hurt that coral is flattering on just about any complexion.
Essie Peach Daiquiri Nail Polish
Revlon Coralberry Lipstick
J.Crew Bubble Necklace

Overwhelmed by all these different shades? This visual might help.
Tones of Coral Color Comparison Chart:
  • Coral Pink
  • Light Coral
  • Coral 
  • Coral Red 
  • Dark Coral
Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color New York:1930--McGraw Hill Page 193; Color Sample of Coral: Page 27 Plate 2 Color Sample J10


  1. Coral is the perfect color when leaving winter and entering spring!

  2. Love coral. It does look great on all skin tones. Pink coral is the best!

  3. "Color it Coral" could not have been more fitting today as it matched the beautiful spring weather perfectly! xo