Friday, March 2, 2012

this and that

bright colored post-its that make my to-do lists a little less daunting
This week flew by, and it felt very productive. I was able to consolidate my scattered to-do lists and scratch a lot of things off of them. There's always an on-going list in my phone and the rest manifests itself in the form of scattered post-its all over my desk. This week's list was filled with lots of little odds and ends, but it still felt therapeutic to physically scratch them off and be done- sent my favorite pair of boots to the cobbler, purged my closet of heavy winter garments (i may have jinxed myself here), found my missing ipod headphones, wrote a few thank you cards, and the list goes on. Here's to hoping this weekend brings more leisure and less list making. Pictured are some snippets of my week.

3pm pick me up

unexpected snowfall that didn't wear out its welcome 
geometric wallpaper, so 80's and so loving it

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