Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Simple Luxury

(left-right: bubble bath, privacy please, suzi sells sushi by the sea shore, passion, it's a girl)

Correctly applied nail polish is a subtle reflection of the chic wearer. It's a simple luxury that garners a small sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world. When i’m wearing nail polish there is order in my universe (or at least that’s how I feel). In vulnerable economic times, foregoing a professional manicure to save money is a no-brainer. Nail polish sales have skyrocketed in the past few years, and manufactures have been responding to the growing industry with innovative nail art products as well as edgier colors like crackle and magnetic polish.  However, as spring approaches, I will be going back to basic and opting for more subdued pink and nude tones (pictured above) in contrast to the bold colors that frequently graced my nails this winter. I can guarantee you, though, that my “subdued” phase won’t last long. I’m always falling in love with a new shade. 

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