Friday, March 16, 2012

this and that: top of the morning

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day! I have the tendency to hype up this holiday, though I've toned it down in recent years since graduating from college. My week has been filled with all things Irish, some things intentional and others just a natural extension of my everyday life. Oxalis (otherwise known as "flowering shamrocks") can be found sitting on my windowsill any time of year and beer is usually in our fridge. However, soda bread is something I look forward to once a year and my Irish knit sweater, well, I barely wear it. I think it looks nicer on the hanger, although I do break it out around this time for good measure. Cheers to a fun and festive weekend!



  1. Have a happy St. Patrick's Day! I need to pick something green to wear tomorrow... no pinching!

  2. Great blog :D
    I love it!!! I follow you on gfc and i hope you check out my blog and follow me back

    P.S.: Happy St.Patrick´s Day :D